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Our Story

Luxury Essentials 

Founded in 2020 by mom & daughter Melinda Stander & Mione Tryon, Mistudio Collection is an Online Beauty Store, offering clients a wide range of Luxury products at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Established on the ideals of individualism, Mistudio Collection offers home & body products for everyone to enjoy.

Being in the beauty industry for over 15 years we have always wanted to recreate the same experience as you would have in a spa/salon. Making Room Sprays, Body oils & Diffusers that replicate the luxurious feeling of being in a spa. 

Our Products

Mi Studio Collection

Mistudio Collection is an Online Beauty Store, founded in 2020. 

We passionately offer a range of natural fragranced and hand picked body & home products that will uplift all your senses. 

Without compromising on quality we always opt using the best quality organic oils, essential oils & solutions at an affordable price.

Sourced, produced & packaged locally keeping our environment & you in mind. Every product is carefully put together, mixed, poured, and labeled by hand to ensure premium results to our customers.

We offer a variety of 

Body Oil

Cuticle Oil


Luxury Room & Linen Mist

Reed & WoodenTop Diffusers & Refills 

Personalised Gift boxes

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